About Little Biskut

Jess Little BiskutHi I’m Jess, a wifey to Joel and mummy to little dude Fletcher (and fur baby, cattle dog Frank) and self-confessed sweet tooth.

I have a degree in Communication design and found that my creative skills seemed to work seamlessly into my baking. I was always volunteering myself to create baked treats for any occasion I could, and after years of constant requests from family and friends to turn my baking into a business I finally decided to leave my 9 to 5 marketing job and Little Biskut was born! (Being half Malaysian the name Little Biskut is a nod to that side of my heritage, with biskut being the Malay spelling for biscuit)

I achieved wonderful success with Little Biskut in the first year creating artisan treats for countless celebrations and collaborating with companies such as MECCA Maxima, KitchenAid and Accor Hotels.

My little business was growing faster than I could keep up with and I found myself having to turn down orders due to being booked out. I also realise that having custom cookies made is just not within everyone's budget. So it got me wondering how I could make my custom cookies more accessible...

After loads of research and a lot or perseverance I created the Little Biskut Kit. Curating everything needed to create beautifully presented cookies to save you time and money. I am so excited to share this new product with you all and I hope you will love baking something extra sweet for your next celebration using the Little Biskut Kit. I will also be offering a range of fondant stamps and cookie cutters from my range of popular designs for those who a bit more confident with their baking skills!





Follow the journey to make the world sweeter one Little Biskut at a time...